Italy – Doctors

Italy and its regionsIf you wish to come to work as a medical doctor in Italy, you should be well prepared: Proficiency in Italian language is a must. Recognition procedures for foreign qualifications (especially of non-EU origin) can be quite time consuming. And last but not least, attractive positions for physicians are highly competitive.

Italy is not a classical destination country for foreign doctors. Many come primarily for other reasons, such as family ties, because of the country’s geographic situation as gateway to Europe from Africa or the Middle East or to enjoy the rich cultural heritage, pleasant climate and social lifestyle outside working hours. Nevertheless, interesting career opportunities certainly exist.

The national Ministry of Health (Ministero della Salute) as competent authority should be contacted to get your foreign diplomas recognized. The recognition procedure is more straightforward for EEA/Swiss doctors with an EEA/Swiss medical degree and/or specialist qualification, as they normally benefit from automatic recognition under the EU Directive 2005/36/EC. Doctors from third countries have to pass additional tests and administrative hurdles to get permission to practice medicine.

Each medical doctor needs to be registered with the local medical order (Ordine dei Medici). Furthermore, a work permit (permessi di lavoro) may be required for foreigners.

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